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NOHARM Vegan Shoes

"I cannot praise these shoes highly enough. I had been waiting for NOHARM to produce them for what felt like years, and they were worth the wait. I was so pleased with the brogues I immediately bought the wingtips as well. They are in a different league to any of the other veggie shoes out there. They're not cheap, but they really shouldn't be judged against the others. They are beautifully made and super-stylish. Finally someone has realised not all vegans want to wear DMs and sandals. For years I have felt let down by the cruelty-free shoes on offer. These are no compromise - they look as good as the top-end leather shoes out there."

“NOHARM’s elusive wingtips and brogues are finally available in several styles and colors. These are some of the finest quality men’s shoes out there, fairly handmade in Italian factories using eco-friendly and sustainably leather-free materials.”

“Vegan NOHARM shoes made in Italy prove that stylish and well made shoes can be had by not killing animals. These shoes are very cool and hand made, while pricey to some they wear well and are comfortable. People who care about animals and the environment should consider and buy NOHARM shoes.”
Dr. Steven

“These look amazing in person. They're also comfortable. As a working professional and vegetarian, I've waited many years for a shoe like this.”

“Before I was vegan, I always spent good money on high quality, designer leather shoes. After going vegan, the quality of shoes available for men was my biggest frustration and gripe. Finally, I've found shoes that not only match the leather I used to buy, but surpass all previous shoes I've owned. These shoes look great, fooling everyone that they are in fact expensive leather shoes. They really look the part. Even better though is the fit and feel. Good leather shoes sometimes require a period of breaking in. First time on, these were like wearing a pair of faithful old slippers. Utter perfection. I'm finally a happy vegan. I'll be buying many more from here. .”

“I wore mine last night and love love love them!”
John B, Fashion Designer

“Although it's not too hard to find non-leather shoes these days, finding smart non-leather shoes that are appropriate for formal situations continues to be difficult. NOHARM have stepped into this market (sorry!) with a touch of Italian style. These shoes are very comfortable, breathable, and they actually look like leather (rather than having that strange plastic look and rigidity that one often gets with vegan shoes). Furthermore, the service provided by NOHARM is outstanding -- I needed some shoes in a hurry, and they were able to ship them to me within a day of my order. They're not cheap, but if you're looking for some stylish shoes you won't be disappointed.”
Dr Colin

“I've had some problems finding acceptable non-leather shoes for business wear. Existing products are usually clunky, poorly made, or both. But this shoe is great. Comfortable, stylish, and exceedingly well-made. The material chosen for the shoe is lovely!

The shoe is expensive. But compared to other handmade shoes by good European makers, $275 is actually a bargain. My only wish is that NOHARM made more traditional styles more widely available. Their website shows a balmoral boot, but I can't find it anywhere.”
Mr A.M.

“We bought these shoes for my husband to wear in our wedding. They arrived in less than 48 hours!! They looked and felt like real leather and looked fabulous with his fitted black suit at our wedding!”

“These are great boots for business, can also take abuse but still clean up in seconds. I have worn these boots almost every day since buying them about two years ago, and I unfortunately am not gentle on my clothing or shoes. They've been absolutely great despite walking in snow, sand, being thrown in luggage, rain, etc. Despite constant use they've been comfortable and have worn as well or better than any leather shoes I used to buy.”

“I went into the transaction with mixed feelings about buying these shoes. Such as price, buying without seeing and not being able try them on first. There are very few if any good looking business shoes that are non leather and vegan friendly on the market and I’m very glad I found this brand. The shoes are amazing, exceeding my expectations in terms of looks and quality. Also in service, Tony was very helpful answering all of my many questions via email prior to the purchase and made the decision a lot easier. I am very happy with this purchase and I will definitely buy another pair in the future.”

“I couldn't be happier with the shoes I have from No Harm. For the first time in 20 years I don't feel like I am compromising with my shoes any more. They are exactly what I've been waiting for. I really do hope No Harm are as successful as you deserve to be. I don't know where I'd buy my shoes without you!”
Mr J

“These shoes are in a different league to anything else on the market. Other manufacturers seem to think veggies only want to wear DMs or hippy sandals. In the 20 years that I have refused to wear leather I have always felt let down by the shoes on offer. Almost without exception they look cheap and ugly and bear little resemblance to the leather shoes they are trying to resemble. Now, at last, NOHARM is making really stylish, beautifully-made shoes that are as good as anything non-veggies are offered. Yes, they are expensive. But top-end leather shoes routinely cost £200-£300 and you have to accept that unfortunately veggie shoes are a niche and will cost more.”
Mr Lyons

“These are by far the most expensive pair of vegan shoes I've bought but I must say they have been worth it. Comfortable walking all over the city (I live in Edinburgh which means lots of steps and hills) and because of the special lining, I don't find my feet sweating which is often a problem with synthetic materials.”

“Le migliori scarpe vegan per lavoro-occasioni importanti in assoluto. Comode come pantofole, rifinite nei dettagli, gomma sotto il tacco e, soprattutto, non si rovinano minimamente dopo l'uso. Alcuni modelli di finta pelle di altre marche mostrano delle pieghe causate dalla camminata. Queste nulla! Meravigliose!”

“I love fashionable dress shoes and NOHARM has the best quality, most luxurious faux-leather shoes ever. They are expensive but worth it. I wish they made more shoes, accessories, bags, etc. I would buy them all. My wardrobe is 100% vegan and my vegan business wardrobe is impeccable thanks to this most important component - NOHARM dress shoes.”

“The first real vegan shoes I have ever seen. They look great and fits great. Sizing is pretty accurate. Just fantastic. Man it up and stop using leather shoes.”

“It's been a long time coming! I finally have a pair of vegan shoes I can wear without feeling like i''m making an extreme compromise. I wear my new Noharm brogues to work and in the evening. A very satisfied customer. Thank you!”
John F

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